The cunts in charge are at it again

Here is an original idea. Do it like in cycling as a prologue. The result does not count at all for the league but it determines the first league table with all teams still on 0 points.
Means nothing but the twats abroad will think that they are watching a real PL game.
Leicester start with their points deduction, which then gets wiped off after the initial foreign “39th” game is played so we start the phoney season on minus points but after the first real game we are no longer on negative points.
Seems like the serial cunts at Real Madrid and Barcelona were behind the idea. ESL in all but name, only with even longer distances involved.
It's not going to be Palace v Forest in Seoul on Christmas Eve, after all.
Always Real Madrid and Barcelona. They are hell bent on fucking football for everyone aren’t they.

I wouldn’t mind but I went to Barcelona once and the atmosphere was absolute shite.