Price On Rodgers Is Now Drifting


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Yesterday, Skybet was a bit of an outlier - they had Rodgers as second favourite but most other bookies didn't even have him listed as an option. Today, pretty much all of them have him as favourite. You can still get 15/4 in some places though, which suggests it's far from a done deal.


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If BR goes it’ll be his last ‘big’ gig in the PL IMO. He surely would know he’s just a short term 1-2 year fix to move them onto the next stage when they’ll want a European heavyweight. Hughes who was a very decent manager at the time lasted 18 months at Man City and left aged the same now as Rodgers. He then plummeted to the the likes of Fulham and Stoke and his stock was broken.
It really depends on what money they offer him and how he sees us progressing. Can we keep ourselves in that top 6?


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Can't for the life of me see Vardy leaving
and I may be wrong but I see the same with Rodgers his bread is buttered here
New Virgin owners with nothing in credentials are a path of the unknown regardless of their millions.
But stranger things have happened


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Rodgers has complained that he is never going to get the money he wants for new players at Leicester. He ain't going to do well this season. I think he wll go. His head has been turned and he has proved himself not to be a stayer.


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Rodgers might fancy it especially if the package is large, but Vardy? I’d be amazed if he left us now.
I agree re Vardy, but thought I'd stick the 16/1 up here 'cos in a few days there might be "Vardy's 2/1 now!... you could get 16s a few days ago"


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I don't think Rodgers will leave because of Seagrave, unless he gets the toon owners to build similar?

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They reckon first move they'll make is for director of football who in turn will be tasked with recruiting a manager... they some way off being remotely interested in Rogers