Possible 34 games in 104 days


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Starting from Wednesday, subtracting 1 week international break & 2 weeks winter break we could play 34 games in 104 days if we got to The FA Cup Final & Europa Conference League Final

League Games 20
FA Cup 5
Europa Conference League 9

That is a game every 3 days


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Something needs to go. Like I said earlier no way we’d have won the FA Cup if we’d have stayed in the EL for a couple more rounds.


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. During the international break? With the amount of internationals we have including U21’s?

If we were to play Norwich & Burnley we could still hopefully pick up points and get a couple of games out of the way.


Blue Roofer
Also going to allow clubs to play on same nights as CL games
Unless there are special agreements in place this will mean some very odd kick off times. I‘m sure they don’t allow other games to be played at the same time as CL games to protect the brand. I’m sure there was a Spanish league game played the day we played in Seville that kicked off at about 5pm.