MickyTheHoss's Favourite Week!

I got the 1st winner chaps only because my son in laws a Blade,I used to love Micky's tips.
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Any positives for the horses that pulled up?
None of them seemed to injured seriously. I think most of them that did pull up didn't stand a chance so I think they just pulled them up to save the horse. Only one faller though yesterday and had to be mine šŸ˜‚
I take you backed fastorslow in the gold cup, he didnā€™t fall, he unseated his jockey which is different.
2 horses died during the week, and the reason a lot of horses were pulled up was because the ground was heavy.
The meeting is not what it was,a lot of uncompetitive racing since it went to a 4day meeting with many short priced favourites. Once again sport has diluted the quality to chase the pound notes,more is not necessarily better.
A friend of mine said every toilet you went in the sound of Charlie being snorted was in nearly every cubicle, not surprisingly a good few fights went on, which is more and more common at racecourses now.