Look at the empty spaces


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I know a bloke who got a bollocking in le1 for painting a gnome with a black face.showtime.
They were then shipped out and sold in the co-op on the high Street, so that little bugger sat in grannies garden all these years may well have plenty to answer too.


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All you need to do is shout out does anybody know where Lesley Crowther used to live, just wait and somebody is bound to say no but Peter Glaze lives there.


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Scoops - its only been the predominant spelling as Romania since 1975.
Before then it was Roumania.
Thats why old caants like me learnt it as being Roumania.


mick, i was there last night, last game for me after 63 seasons, a few reasons, but it was the sound of silence ,the norwich mr drummer man was ejected for concealing yellow smoke cannisters in his kit, anyway back to brendan,hates the fact that us that pay his wages ,know more than he does,mendy should have started,tielmans ,lookman,amartery ,perez,hamza, souramie, cheerio


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Tomato , tomato

Either way it was 4 of the filthy caants that paid me a visit 3 years ago tooled up and tried to rob my S3.