FFS get Daka off !!!

Wtf was he doing playing for a corner off their keeper when the keeper had left his goal totally gaping?
He’s not great but let’s be fair, no striker was scoring that ‘chance’.

I agree it wasn't quite the golden opportunity it initially appeared.
That said, in the moment he doesn't seem to know what to do with it and like the one at Leeds ( which was a big chance) he seemed to freeze or panic at the vital moment.
Looks like a player where there's just too many times where he doesn't believe in himself and lacks confidence.
He earn’s more than the average yearly salary in a week.

Are you not embarrassed making excuses for his total ineptitude as a footballer. Why should any of us sit there and accept such a pisspoor level of performance on the basis he’s a Leicester player?

He’s a salary thief and we’re staring down the barrel of PSR/FFP because of the likes of him.

Get him out the door ASAP.