Derby in Doo-Doo


Septic has walked away.


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You'd think the fella could come up with a better excuse than he was finding it hard to transfer money from the US to the UK. Maybe something like he doesn't have any money left after the recent crypto falls? Or having now been to Derby a few times, he doesn't want to be a social leper back home.
But difficulty in making a bank transfer? Poor. 1/10.
It'll be interesting to see if any other Clubs give him a moment of their time when he next declares an interest in buying them. I suspect some mug will fall for it again.....


Blue Roofer
Statement from Mike Ashley’s camp on this situation:

“Mike Ashley believes that the stadium and the football club need to be purchased with the same owner, as there is no way Derby in its current position can justify paying rent for the stadium. If he was successful in purchasing the club and stadium, he would undertake that no rent would ever be paid for the stadium.”

And therein lies the same problem over again. Will Mel Morris’s stubbornness actually destroy the club? It certainly looks that way right now.