Cutting net migration .....

Woah BC, Hackneys saying it’s poor money you’re saying it’s decent money. Make your minds up.

Did I say they were on poor money?
Did I not mention that it was more than the average but involved years of study to gain a PHD.
Do you and Pen 4 agree on all things?
Why does it matter how many hours they work? Anyone lucky enough to work less hours than the standard 9-5 that earn the same or more more money, good on them. Don’t we all want to be in that position?
Anyway back to the OP. From what I understand Sunak and other Conservative MP’s believes the only way they’ll win the next election is if this whole Rwanda thing is brought in and net migration is cut.

It’s too late folks, you’re fucked whatever you do over the next year or so. Unless Labour really do something to anger the electorate but the Conservative Party can’t affect that.
Important word there was ‘max’.
Doc H has gone down to 60% on health grounds, that’s 60% of salary. Her hours are meant to reflect that, that certainly isn’t the case, it’s not as if it’s a set amount of work every week but I reckon she probably still does at least 40 hours a week, she’s working now, and on top of that she does at least 10 hours a week for the union. Those hours are meant to reflected in her lecturing/teaching/research hours.
I reckon she should be doing 22 plus 10 whereas she’s doing at least 40 plus 10.
The university are currently trying to force her to teach an extra new module next year, a subject she has no background in so that will take his knows how long to pick up.
Her students absolutely love her but will lose her as she’ll be forced to retire on medical grounds due to ill health and workload before much longer.
She studied economics and some of those she was at university with went to work in the city, they’re earning fuck knows how much and have just had their bonus caps removed.
I am sorry to hear that Dr H has ill health.

If she has taken a pay cut to reflect reduced hours then I consider her employer's attitude to be worthy of much criticism. I would add the caveat that 'Professionals' have to accept though that they cant really expect to only work their contacted hours to the minute. That said, if 40 hours is the norm to actually o the job, and her contract is for 22, then her employers expectations and demands are wholly unreasonable.

If it was my wife I would be concerned that they are seeking to manage her out by cranking up the pressure to unsustainable levels. It appears that its a full time job and part time hours aren't working for them but they are unable or unwilling to come up with solution. No doubt they regret agreeing to P/T but really it is they need to come up with a solution - although she really needs to dig her heels in too

I hope that it works out positively - it must be a very stressful time for you both