Will the next 4 weeks define our season?


In the next 4 weeks we play:

4 Premier League games, three against teams in the bottom 6 & also Arsenal

A possible 3 Europa League games

A 6th Round FA Cup tie.

In 4 weeks time we could have:

Cemented our top 3 position with at least 10 points.

Qualified for the last 8 of The Europa League

Qualified for The FA Cup Semi Final

Then it is up to Brendan to do a Fergie and withdraw our internationals due to minor injuries and give them 2 weeks rest, making them refreshed for the final stage of the season starting on 3rd April against Man City.


I’m particularly concerned about these stupid internationals. Evans and Tielemans both need a rest at some point. As you say a little twinge for a week. I also think it bonkers that players from different clubs in Europe are mixing in a different bubble. Pointless. Rodgers needs to have a word with Barrowclough and Martinez in particular


Blue Roofer
The international week could derail the whole league season for everyone, not just here in England, all across Europe.

It’s ridiculous. Postpone it for everyone and squeeze these games somewhere into next season.


Pitched roofer
Anyone got a list of which countries aren't playing? And are there also u21 games?
If so, sounds like virtually the whole squad could be off to catch it somewhere...:mad:


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England/Denmark/Belgium/Turkey/Portugal all play 3 qualifiers during international week
Northern Ireland play 2 and 1 friendly (ridiculous)
Nigeria play 1 Africa Cup Of Nations (doubt Wilf or Ian will be there)
England/France U21 play 3 matches
Hope that helps :)