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Harvey Barnes: When are teams going to start taking Harvey Barnes seriously?

I said last week after he ran Liverpool ragged that this was a player that could cause untold damage if he is not dealt with.

Well either Dean Smith ignored the warning or simply didn't believe the hype because he destroyed Aston Villa.

In the past teams have always been most concerned about Jamie Vardy and quite rightly. However, the rate at which Barnes is developing his game has been impressive. I don't think it is unreasonable to talk about his future England prospects. At this rate anything is possible.


As an observation that may or may not stand test of time - he seems to have a good understanding with Luke Thomas which brings out best in them both


Undoubtedly he has improved with every season but it has definitely been accelerated by playing together with a decent left back be it Justin, Thomas, Castagne, Ricardo and even Fuchs. You can just imagine him getting his break for England and it being cocked up by playing again with Chilwell and thus regressing to his former self. Running into the spaces only to see Chilwell has passed it back to Maguire. Lets face it none of the other England players will pass to him just like what happened to Vardy.