You ok AFC?


Bentleys Roofer
i assumed he'd taken sixthswans advice of how to claim the covid travel pass exemption, and gone for some spanish sunshine. hope all is well.


Don't Welch
Yeah sorry should have done this sooner.
I apologise for Richard's actions, as he doesn't seem to be able to do it himself.


Season Ticket Holder
Ahh realise why snidey bollocks is so grumpy. Just seen it on Facebook, triple jabbed Richard has been taken to hospital after feeling unwell.
I think think the implication that Richard Madely’s tummy trouble is due to vaccination rather than the rotten fish guts he ate is about as desperate as you can get trying to prove the shite these idiots are spouting today !
Desperate , pathetic but priceless .
I think this even outdoes an earlier example of the drivel they spout that Matt Le Tissier is a expert in virology .

Ducking hilarious