Working Class Hero


Every time a musical genius leaves us too young, we say "I wonder what great music we missed out on?"

Never a truer word said, when applied to John Lennon

Senselessly assassinated by someone who was supposed to be a fan. We have an amazing catalogue of music from The Beatles and his solo work, but what more "Imagine's" or "Mother's" would have followed?

RIP John


We must be in heaven man
I'll never forget that morning, driving to work at 5-00am and it came on the radio that he'd been murdered, I was in total shock, I always wonder what he would have written if he hadn't died.


Rodney - Micky Hoss posted a link to Working Class Hero in the initial post. Take a listen.... very inciteful and emotional reflection.

Remember, Lennon grew up in 1960's Liverpool which i am sure was an amazing place in an amazing time-period


I sacked Glover
I was at work in '77 when we lost 3 music icons within a few months, Elvis, Marc Bolan and Ronnie Van Zant (plus Steve and Cassie Gains).... a terribly sad time. Then fast forward to 1980 and we lost another two massive parts of my youth and young manhood in John Bonham and John Lennon. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I heard the news those days, oh boy.


Golden balls
The Working Class record was the B side to Imagine. My blessed Grandmother used to laugh her socks off at ' but you're still fucking peasents as far as I can see.