Winning the FA Cup and me Dad


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Many Happy Returns of the Day, Gordon. And here's to a few more.

BLUE ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Happy Birthday Mr Bates….
Even though my Dad followed City he never went to Filbert Street much, one of the few games he attended was the infamous Shrewsbury FA Cup game, me & my 2 brothers were in the ground along with 3 of my 4 Sisters so all but my Mam and eldest Sister were in Filbert Street at the same time for that game, great memories of great pubs and epic games at the old ground…


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I’m so pleased that your dad is still around to have enjoyed our best moments. How wonderful. For our generation Micky and our forefathers, what has happened in the last 5 years is quite unbelievable and my only sadness is the fact that all those of my family weren’t around to rejoice in the moment. I’m so pleased your dad has been able to enjoy those moments.


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what a game to be your first !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can remember The Chinaman scoring their first but I can't remember much more apart from the noise, the next round v Rotherham had a massive crowd and they bought thousands, always singing "The mighty (John) Quinn" loads sat in the decker


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I only just got in to that game at the last minute on the popular side standing on air never swayed so much backwards or forward in my life since, one wonderful atmosphere
even in a precarious position


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Terrific innings so far and good on him for introducing you to our fine club.
My first game was Port vale at home and we lost 1 nil. Surprised I kept coming back 🤣