Wimbledon mens Final


Sophie’s choice. I usually can’t bear Djokovic but please beat that bullying Aussie thug.


Netflix are filming a documentary on him. They're gonna want their moneys worth.
Expect multiple strops on centre court.


Blue Roofer
I don’t give a monkeys.

I may show an interest in the sport now we have a young lady from Leicestershire doing alright, but only to back her. Apart from that I genuinely couldn’t care less.

I do want to visit Wimbledon one year just for a day to see what it’s like as a spectator sport but even then I doubt my interest will change.


The music was… thud like.
'Punks On Court' Was the headline in one daily in 1978, J P McEnroe and Peter Fleming had a right dust-up in a doubles match with Hank Pfister and some other yank, It was great
Never really bothered Wimbledon, might do one day, like everyone on here started off as an away fan at the big grounds, evington , new parks, the lodge and it motored from there up to the nou camp. Thought had done well and then mum and dad went to Brazil and went to the maracana.
Done me showtime.
So I suppose that's the one.