Who’s been to a gig since they started up again?


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Anyone on here go to see Steve Hackett in Leicester last night. First night of his tour. Heard it was great. I get to see them when they eventually make it to Philadelphia early next year!


Dark Roofer
So far there have been interesting stances on covid. Savfest was reduced capacity, well ventilated and proof of a negative test required, Morecambe was reduced capacity, all seated socially distanced with table service, no proof of negative test though. Stonedead was outdoors but you needed proof of a negative test and double jab, Declan Mckenna was postponed as one of his band had covid, HRH Goth (02 Academy in Leeds) needed proof of lateral flow or double jab, Black Stone Cherry at rock city absolutely nothing required (the same as at the Rescue rooms) which was rather surprising considering the others and it was sold out.