Which Pub Used To Be The Turks Head?


Opposite the prison in Welford Toad.
Been reading a fascinating article in the Merc about Peppermint Billy. The last man to be hanged in public in Leicester.


My grandad used to call it the New Leicester but God knows really as I've always known it to be the Turks.
His father used to go there


Golden balls
Just read this bit of trivia.

William Brown known as Peppermint Billy was transported to Tasmania in 1843 after the theft of silver spoons. He was allowed back in 1856.

He was convicted of the gruesome double murder of a tollgate keeper and his grandson.

Despite Billy being adamant that he was innocent of the crimes, he was found guilty and sentenced to hang.

The significance was this would be the last public hanging in Leicester.
A crowd of 25000 gathered outside the gates of Welford Road Prison to watch the grisly spectacle.

Billy's father watched it through the window of the TURKS HEAD.
' well done Billy ' he was heard to say as he dangled at the end of the hangman's rope ' tha's died a brick'

Elsie Heffsey

My dad used the Turk’s Head ... always referred to it as Johnny Duncan’s
My understanding that this was the original base for The Leicester Globetrotters sporting group. When the Turk’s Head closed they moved and based themselves at The Black Boy.