Whats the world coming too


when you can't sack a useless employee

The building trades correct procedure for letting an incompetent worker leave is - Get your kit, and fuck off.

This is applied instantly and is effective from the moment the word "off" as been finish.

If you don't immediately "get your kit, and fuck off" there is an accepted follow up which involves a stern word and punch to the head.

lf this still doesn't get through to the sackee, it is customary for the boss to swiftly throw the sackee into a skip.

This method as been simply and effective right up until men started pretending they are women.

l believe this is in all the employer/employee advisory pamphlets and there's Youtube video demonstrating this age old ritual.


Presumably it is OK for the employee to kick fuck out of the boss too then? Just if they feel like it.

If we're all being men about it.


There are plenty of gobby scrotes that need a slap and a wave goodbye. Bnets right, its the way of the world in building. Thankfully, its a world that has avoided transition into wokedom.


Strangely enough in most industries you cannot get away with telling your boss you want them dead. I blame liberals.