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When my daughter asked me what I wanted for christmas I told her I would like The Beachboys Pet Sounds on vynil because I heard that the sound was so much better than digital. I got my LP and my wife bought me The White Album.
Im so impressed that Ive been up in the attic and brought a load of my old LPs downstairs. As I type this Im listening to Johnny Cash - Ive gone through 6 Lindisfarne albums today and my Beatles collection is coming out after 30 years,
Dire Straits, Stones, Melanie Simon and Garfunkel Bee Gees, Lennon, Wings, Billy Joel, Pink floyd,Queen. Byrds and even Bonzo Dog Doo Da Band. I have most of this stuff digitally but its so much better to ipen the sleeve and read the notes while it plays.
Napster was ok in 1995 but your records are your history.