TV musical fuck ups


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I remember watching totp with dexys on it with a big picture of Jocky Wilson.
My favourite is homes under the hammer or one of them shite programmes, the guy doing the house up said his wife doesn't mind about the decor and the go into the music playing in the background.
"She doesn't mind" by cosmo Jarvis

It's about anal sex 🙂


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The Beeb using Perfect Day, sung by loads of different artists, for some prime time campaign because they didn't realise what it was about.


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Simon LeBon, hitting a proper bum note on Live Aid. Made me laugh for years the pug faced squeally fuck.
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Ahh, just remembered another one. A Saturday morning show where they had pop stars on and you could phone them up with your questions.
"You're through to Matt Bianco" ?
"Hello, is that Matt Bianco?"
"Bunch of wankers"

To be fair to the two guys in the group they were pissing themselves laughing. I think after that all calls had a time delay.


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BBC banning the small faces 'I can't make it' which was a harmleds pop track...but gladly playing 'here comes the nice' with the lines 'he knows what I want he's got what I need he's always there if I need some speed'