Turning mud into lawn


Got a large area 32m x 20m that I want to make a nice easy to maintain grassy area, It seems that seeding will be much cheaper than turfing, despite Losing half the seeds to the thieving seagulls. Can’t find any professionals to do it so I guess I will have to get out there and do it myself. Any tips?


File under futile
I had a similar area of lawn which had been destroyed by badgers. I contacted gardening professionals and like you, all reluctant to reseed but happy to returf. I was told that resending can be problematic and not always effective

So I did it myself - got rid of all remaining turf, scattered the seed and then dressed with a fine topsoil (‘which also helps to prevent hungry birds eating the lot). The most crucial bit was watering every day. I was also told, when watering, to try and simulate rainfall by pointing hose in air and letting water droplets fall from some height - could have been a load of bollocks as the advice came from a ‘zen’ gardener!

i now have a full functioning lawn which so far has resisted any further badger attacks

good luck with whatever you decide to do