Tielemans offski


"There are talks going on - I'm not saying I'm going to sign, I'm not saying I'm not going to sign. We will see"

"There's no update really. I'm open to everything. The transfer market has just closed, but I want to keep as many options as I can open,"



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I've always said if a LCFC player don't want to be here and committed to what we are trying to do, then sell, doesn't always work in players favour.... ie Drinkwater for starters.


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Is it the supposedly big fish in a little tank syndrome that we seem to keep falling into?


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I think a lot will depend on how our season shapes up. Right now it could go either way, played some good stuff at the weekend but outclassed for much of the game, well beaten in reality.

Start playing well, win some games and things will look very different to everyone, the question is really whether you think we are more or less 'there' and the results will come with patience or do we need a bit of a shake up?

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The transfer window has just closed yet the BBC gossip page is still full of rubbish from the papers and we get this sort of stuff.

Can't we just get on with the game for few weeks?


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He has said himself that he is ' open to everything '
Leicester always look to improve their key players contracts from about 2 years out.
This just looks a simple case of Tielemans agent telling him to declare that he his ' thinking about his future' in order for Leicester to offer him a bank busting contract to stay longer.
If Tielemans really wants out, then he will go next summer, when the club could not allow his contract to run down any more.
It is at that point the Leicester will have a final chance to get top dollar for him.


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I don't think it's about money its about how far this club can go in playing terms he probably sees that we have weaknesses and sees we will only get so far and by that I believe as well as him
Champions League is beyond our capabilities whilst we carry a couple of players through matches, we are not mentally strong enough to compete, also not strong enough physically to deal with
And carry both European and domestic leagues at the same time.


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Some image rights negotiations going on I reckon. He could make a mint endorsing his Cup Final goal for example.


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He has also alongside a certain Edin Hazard, provided probably the most euphoric 60 seconds in Leicester's history.
A memory to last a lifetime, and imo guaranteed legendary status whatever he decides to do.
That Cup Final strike is worth a statue in my opinion.


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Maddison been crap too, if he don't impress this season then get rid of too, he seems to think his tattoos are more important, overpaid w****r.


Like many players I think his head has been turned whilst on International duty, after all, the players have to talk about something in the evenings, £££££