This why everyone is dying/not covid


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Have watched the vid in full and they do all appear very convinced that what they are saying is true. From limited research it seems that Dr Bryan Ardis is a chiropractor whose main level of success has been in treating acne. He had practices in both Tennessee and Texas until Tennessee revoked his licence due to lack of qualifications. What is far more worrying is that he has now grown a beard giving him more than a passing resemblance to Jurgen Klopp. The presenter AJ Roberts makes a living from spreading the news to subscribers which always rings alarm bells for me and I can't find anything relating to the other bloke Stuart Wilkie
There were some interesting points raised particularly about the conflict of interest in prescribing medicines and to me this is the area which needs looking at in far more detail. Re the main point that thousands are been deliberately killed by using these drugs I don't give this much credence as peer reviewed trials such as the one linked below have seemingly proved the opposite.

regarding reading their controlled reports, in fact they are not just controlled they are brought and paid for by the very people who stand to gain financially from the report reading what they want to sell the product and idea.

Do you know how the funding for critical trials work ?

If you ever need to find/ or want to find real facts go to The Great Barrington Decleration, also check out the Court case that is lodged at Hammersmith police and the Met which as a crime number, which actually is a massive hurdle jumped.