This heat....

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Please take this heat seriously. It's not the time for a BBQ or the beach. Treat it like a hurricane or a snowstorm, stay inside and wait for it to pass.
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I'm inclined to agree. These are the summers we remember back in the 60's. I'm still waiting for global over-population to happen, and for the hole in the ozone layer to widen, rather than shrink.
We never had temperatures this high in the 60s. It's not just here, look at what's going on in Europe as a small example.

The hole in the ozone layer was massively reduced after CFCs were banned.
Hot UK Summers

1911 : 36.7C
1923 : 34.4C
1932 : 35.6C
1933 : 34.4C
1976 : 35.6C
1990 : 37.1C
1995 : 35.2C
2003 : 38,5C
2006 : 35.7C
2016 : 34.4C
2019 : 38.7C


It’ll be blamed on covid, every problem with brexit is now down to covid so may as well blame global warming on it.


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Meanwhile part of Australia has had about a years worth of rain

Do you really have to bring them up? Five minutes ago, they were squealing about the whole place being on fire, now they're crying about fire-suppression. Don't feed their disconnect from the rest of the world, or their separation anxiety.
The subject of continents comes up in all our daily lives, so just stick to the heavy hitters - like North America, Asia and sometimes Antarctica.


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There’s speed restrictions on many tube lines already, and therefore less trains even though the temperature now is no higher than it was yesterday.

I’m heading into the office as it’ll be far cooler there than at home.