These TV debates


Blue Roofer
They are pointless. At this stage only Conservative MP’s can vote and when they finalise the short list only paid up members of the Conservative Party can vote. That’s such a small percentage of the public.
It's a load of rubbish, but what do you expect?
We're a nation of 'I stand with this' and 'that' while hiding in our houses, because we're afraid of the summer.
We're a nation of I'm going green, but want my flights to Spain, my food delivered to the supermarket, my new phone, my new sofa, my new kitchen, cheap energy, cheap cars and loads of new clothes.
We're a nation that's afraid of telling the truth and we hate it when people do, so we end up with politicians that are afraid to say what a woman is.
This is the shit show that you all want so you can gossip about them on here, so you can talk about their hair, their way of speaking and which one you think is the biggest Nazi.