The Who


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Certainly one of the best,saw them at De Mont on a stormy Sunday night in 1971,and again at Granby Halls around 1975,both brilliant.

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Was at the Granby halls gig and again at Bingley hall, Staffordshire show ground, Sound was diabolical on both occasions, but yes, up there with the best.
Brother still got a tambourine Daltrey chucked into the crowd at Charlton Athletic's ground in 1976.


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I went to the Charlton gig - if I remember correctly it was the first time lasers were used at a concert - prepared to be corrected on that

And what was the Alex Harvey band about?


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The Who were brilliant, especially in their "mod" days. But I think the Kinks have the edge.

Only talking about their 1960s songs though.


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Ray Davies is what swings it for me, to put The Kinks ahead of The Who.

The Kinks were so English sounding and original.

Would have loved to be at Blackpool Opera House in 1964. On the bill where The Kinks, The High Numbers and The Beatles. Even though all of those bands, were yet to produce their best work at that stage.


Kinks were good, but apart from Ray Davies, no-one knows the names of any the other members. The Who had four household names, still revered today by music fans

The Who produced amazing sounds, that still conjour up memories and emotions of 60's Britain

The Ox was the best..... bass runs on "The Real Me" cannot be beat.... like m any Roofers it seems, I was at the Granby Halls gig in 1974/75- packed hall and we got to see Keith Moon & Townsend at their manic best, quintessential front man, Roger Daltrey when his voice was great, and our man John Entwhistle, modest & unassuming, keeping the baseline going while the other band-mates went crazy.


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“ The Real Me “ The Who at their best ? I think so. 👍😀
“ 5 15” and “ Won’t get fooled again” up there too.