The walk from the station into town


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You think Granby Street's bad. Take a stroll from the bus station down Churchgate. A once vibrant street with plenty of quality independent shops & businesses, Brees, Oldham's tools, Mays, Jimmy Walsh's newsagents & many more. All gone to make way for nailbars & cash converters.


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Well, if the constant threat of being knifed, accosted by piss and dope heads all day every day is your idea of progress them yes it is. Primarily its people that make a place, not buildings.


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On the upside the old Fenwick building is opening soon I hear.
….opening up as what? Described as an ‘aparthotel’. So basically Just rooms that can be let/ sold without ANY of the usual facilities offered by an hotel.
Just a property developers dream maximising profits and zero use for the Leicester public.
One of the saddest losses to the city centre when Fenwick went


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There's also a Black Iron bar and restaurant, new offices, four new shops and conference facilities.

The whole scheme is called The Gresham. Not a bad effort and better than it being empty...

A very important building in the history of our football club.

Originally called Joseph Johnson until 1962, when Fenwick's took over.

Joseph was instrumental in the formation of Leicester Fosse and found the site of Filbert Street, on a walk with his niece one afternoon.

Three of his sons, helped to create Leicester Fosse in that shed.


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To be fair, that does look pretty impressive. I had a Saturday job in Fenwicks for three years - it's nice to see they've done something positive with the place.


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I'm afraid the opening of the Highcross Centre and especially John Lewis (which Mrs Soho likes a lot) did for Fenwicks and all those shops down Market St, Belvoir St and that end of Granby St.
But the Gresham replacement looks the dogs bollox.
In fact that area and the bottom of New Walk and where the old council offices used to be is all looking pretty swish.
And the council building (Pilot House) opposite the secret pub is going to be redeveloped as a business hub for start up businesses and that looks very interesting.
And they've got rid of that shithole Sub8ten so the Saturday night shootings should start to lessen a bit now.
So all looking good.
Just need a machine gun for all the drug infested wino dossers and beggars