"The Match Day Experience"


Just got that e-mail from the club: arrive early, pyrotechnics, blah blah. Made me think about my regular routine when I first started going to Filbert Street in the mid to late 50s: pay someone a tanner to park my bike in their entry; mosey on down, no more than 15 minutes before kick off, pay my two bob to get into the Double Decker, (later on, when I decided to stand, it was 1/6 for either the Popular Side or, more usually the Main Stand Enclosure near to the tunnel) and settle down to cheer on the lads or hurl abuse at the ref or opposition. Didn't need clappers or singing sections - I had me rattle.

At half time I might get a Wagon Wheel or a cup of Bovril. Dear dead days.

Don't know about you but I hate all this razzmatazz. All I want is to watch a decent game of football.