The Masters


Can't see past Bryson Dechambeau to be honest @ 8/1
If he keeps it out of the long stuff with his driving distances
Can't see anyone keeping up with him especially with no crowd in
Any thoughts?


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Have an absolutely appalling record on golf and can back 4 or 5 in each major with just the odd place return. Think my last major winner was Mike Reid (or summat similar) when he won Masters going back god knows when.
Back to subject after been taken by BDC's attitude I backed him in a few consecutive majors with little success but read every expert telling me that the 'human bulldozer' couldn't win the US Open because the course was so much against him.
Think he may be an absolute freak but 8 to 1 is short enough.


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Might put (yet another) fiver on Rahm...got to come in one day!

And the other fiver on Casey who must be approaching the last chance saloon....again!!


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Some shots required into the green from BDC's Augusta practice round (all are second shots except hole 3) with holes and yardage

1 (445) sand wedge
2 (575) 8 iron
3 (350) flew the green with 3 wood
8 (570) 7 iron
9 (460) sand wedge
10 (495) pitching wedge
11 (505) 9 iron
13 (510) 7 iron (after 3 wood off tee)
15 (530) 9 iron
17 (440) sand iron

Lonesome Crow

King of the lurkers.
Of the 4 Majors, this is probably the most punter friendly.
Same course used every year, only 90 odd in the field, about 60 or so more
or less making up the numbers.
My tip for this year is Hideki Matsuyama, he has 3 top 11 finishes in his
last 5 visits here & was 2nd last week.
25/1 at Hills & bet 365 or 32 on betfair.
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In order to win at Augusta you have to be a great putter
He is certainly up there with the best as well


Of the outsiders for VFM You can't ignore Tiger Woods @ 40/1
Don't think he will win but he will certainly give you a good run for your money