The end is nigh.......?


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The buffet closes for the season.

Or Brauny is unaware you can just drill holes in meteors and put a nuclear bomb in the hole.


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Did I say that? Don't think so. It's just that the site will become 'Free To All' powered by Adverts. That way everyone will benifit


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Just a point regarding subscription.
I haven't got a clue when I last contributed. It could be 8, 10, 14 months or more.
I don't have a problem in paying up if I'm due, but could a list of everyone's " due date ' be published in a locked thread, and anyone who exceeds by 1 month, be removed from the site ?


I sacked Glover
The last 'Due Date' was September 1st 2021. The subs have always been voluntary since we began this new site in September 2020