The days of whine and moaning


Season Ticket Holder
Log long ago in the mist of time well when it almost stood still, I stood in a long long line on a cold January day staring at the cooling Towers belching out their clouds
wondering at times why the hell am I queueing to see yet another nothing performance feet and hands just about frozen, thinking I must be bloody mad the minutes turned into ages upon ages only getting to the turnstile to be told full up
Then run down to the next one to begin
all over again got in and up the steps to the Kop just in time for kick-off, push your way in to get nearer to the front to you're mates then you watch Charlie Adam on the left wing, or the Welsh wizard on the right Mal Griffith's could be Derek Hines at centre Forward or Jack Lee either it was all about quality crosses for either to nod in. we had
Revie we had Chisholm, the Harrison's we had big gates it wasn't the days of wine and roses but what it did do .......it made you a football junkie every fortnight you needed the dose, you made friends who were just as crackers as you to get their fill

I often wonder what I would have done if the city hadn't come along for my Saturday afternoons



Monkey Off Back
Same as you Kendal, just swap Lee, Griffiths & Hines for Worthington, Weller & Glover.
Without City I believe I would have probably have taken up shoplifting.
Same as you Tudor, just swap Worthington, Weller and Glover for Collier, Hepworth and Burton.
Without City, I believe I would have probably taken up shopfitting.