The Best Band Ever.


Cresta! what def hook were we drinking
Chicory Tip
Freery and Branno were waiting for the 658 to go to Hinckley when Glenn Faulks came walking past blasting out Son Of My Father by Chicory Tip on his dancette radio, Freery grabbed it and threw it at the library wall


All things considered the 'best' was undoubtably the Grateful Dead. the longevity, the ability to play live, be different every time and all the rest put them head and shoulders above anyone else. Their recorded repertoire is beyond comparison, I can still just dip into any of the live recordings and enjoy. Truly special.

Late in 1969 I bought 'Live Dead', their first commercially available live album. Side 1 starts with the band already playing and setting up musically for Dark Star, playing continuously until the end of side 3. I had heard nothing like it, ever. Hooked for life.

Some years ago it was reported that the song 'Dark Star' was the most recorded song ever, by the same band. At that time there was 104 known recordings that could be accessed by the public.