Testimonial for Decade serving players ? No More ?


The music was… thud like.
Mainly they were for players who didn't have a contact in the brewery trade when they retired from the game potless.


I cannot remember one in years.
Perhaps the appetite has gone to assist people on 5-10 million a year... ,


When the last of the 2016 legends leaves then the club should do something special for all of them. Seems wrong not being able to say goodbye to the likes of Huth and Schmeichel.
I’d hope that Mahrez would be shown the appreciation he deserves for that season.
It’s not often that a player stays with the same club for 10 years anymore. But when he does, I think the Testimonial can still happen, but with the proceeds going to a charity or to the players foundation, or something like that. Kasper definitely deserves the recognition.