Tammy Abraham : a poll


Season Ticket Holder
Yes. Young and has proved himself in the PL as opposed to Edouard who is a gamble but obviously cheaper


Don't Welch
Got to be a not sure from me.

He's good at running at defenders and he can bag some goals.

But he is poor at holding the ball up and passing to others.

For that reason, his price tag is inflated.


Not for me. Is he a decent player....yeah. Is he a player that would take us to the next level? Nothing he's done in his career so far suggest he is.


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No for me.

We need to invest in wide players, both 'wide' strikers and wingers, we need a couple at least. Players who bring something different.


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Yes but only if we make CL... we will need some decent squad players and he would fit the bill.


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When he last played at the King Power, I thought he was completely useless, like Nacho.

Have I missed something ?


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according to my Chelsea supporting mate, no, his first touch is shocking but he said he's actually a brilliant defender !


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Part exchange with Ayoze Perez going to the Bridge, I’m sure they would take £50 million in that deal... 😳


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What is the point of a big man ..if no one can cross a ball ??
I think we have players capable of crossing the ball, Thomas, Justin, Albrighton etc, but in the last couple of years we haven’t had a big centre forward capable of winning the vital headers in the box.


Blue Roofer
Until we signed Perez we hadn’t really bought any top players from other Premier League teams. Perez was Newcastle’s top scorer the season we signed him which was a revelation for us.

Okay it hasn’t quite worked out how we thought it might but I’d be delighted to sign someone like Tammy Abraham if the money was right.

I don’t think we will though.


Sign him up. Abraham had a brilliant scoring record at Bristol City & Villa. Perhaps needs to escape the BCC mentality.


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Sign him up. Abraham had a brilliant scoring record at Bristol City & Villa. Perhaps needs to escape the BCC mentality.
I hate anagrams generally and it keeps being bounded about but, what's is a BCC exactly? I know somebody asked a question in another thread, but I must have missed the reply.

Pretty please thank you.