Steve Smith - 54th Minute


I was thinking only the other day how Steve was doing these days. More sad news. I didn't know any of his family, but my thoughts are with them.


I've just realised with a jolt that I met him a few times.
One occasion was some sort of collection or demo at Fosse Park outside Next. Anybody remember that?
Lovely chap who has gone way to soon...


It was a lovely service for an amazing inspirational man with the wake being held at the place he loved.


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Leigh Baker, dropped dead at 36 a few weeks ago. Lovely lad.
Just seen the news in the Merc as a result of your post. Bit of a shocker. I had no idea. I have bumped into him many times since I first got chatting with him at, I think, Lincoln in 2015 - obviously initially at games but then around Syston after we moved. As you say a really lovely lad.