Some Notts Stuff


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I was supposed to be, but transport arrangements proved beyond difficult.

BLUE ARMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Getting back to Notts stuff I was at that game early seventies when it all kick off on the bridge over the Trent. When the police managed some form of separation five of us found ourselves with the Notts lot.

We decided it was best to try to keep a low profile ... which was a little tricky with one of our lot having lost a loafer in the ground, me with a Semper Eaden badge on my Harrington and then one of our bunch having a car run over his foot which drew a bit of interest. Managed to get to the station unscathed and merge in with Leicester fans before it all got going again in the street by the side of the station.
l was at Wolves when l was 15 in my blazer with the Semper Eaden badge and a LCFC pin badge on. I was walking up the Main Street there and all their lot were coming down. I had 2 choices, run off or blag it, l walked through them and no one noticed, breathed again when l got to the other side. Did the same at Leeds station a few weeks later, as l had experience ! and got filled in😂


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just had the story off JR about that, that Fowlpenny relayed to him. We were talking about Forest over the years. Apparently they got the last train up Friday night, painted the place and dossed over there for the game the next day.
Greg has given me a full chapter of it