Rodgers in or out ?


I don’t have issues with anyone, I’m not the one gets abusive if someone disagrees with me.
it means your posting while full of Red, its easy to spot a drunk bitter man.

you regularly attack opinions with nothing but your personal issues with the rest of us


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Sorry but I ain't particularly looking forward to it. It's got all the makings of going very toxic, very quickly.
Fans are all aware that the club is wading through treacle. The disappointment and feeling that we are transitioning away from the ambitious, bright and much envied club we have been over the last few years.
Frustration that there is no new blood for fans to be enthused about.
Then you start with a home fixture that just says we have to take 3pts. With Arsenal away next up, there is definitely pressure on this opening game.
Given the banter with regards to our lacklustre style of play, which directly goes back to BR, I can see patience being sorely tested especially if Brentford get their teeth in.
I hope I am hopelessly wrong, I hope we put in an enterprising shift and we run out comfortable winners, but I just see big alarm bells ringing.
I just feel like club is stale.
How many of our top players still have the desire ? With the transfer speculation, Is the team going to pull in the same direction?
Will the same personal that failed so miserably at defending set pieces have learned anything? They couldn't get it right for the whole of last season, so how can you be confident that anything will change?
Kick me for saying all this, but apart from those with the strongest blue tinted specs, surely most fans must have concerns with the current affairs?


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As we speak, we're still not top four! Behind Arsenal, Bournemouth and Brighton on alphabet!!

Enough's enough I say!


Golden balls
Nothing to change my mind.
Poor result.
Poor managerial decision.
Arsenal away to guarantee a poor start to the season.
I don't think you could underestimate how important this game was for the mood of the club and more importantly the fans. I feel that it's on the brink of turning nasty.
Anything less than a win, was always going to open up the cracks.
A win could of changed minds, we blew it.
I wouldn't be surprised if things started to snowball from here, I am personally thinking that the clock is now ticking for BR.


We need a new manager with new idea's it's as simple as that, got a funny feeling he'll walk if we lose the next 2 or 3 games.


Most of you know I'm not keen on rodgers...but I don't hate him....we all have our own opinions on what should've or could've happened.
So it's bizzare to me he takes off kdh for daka...he doesn't use anymore subs even though it's very hot and brentford up their game.
Things like this frustrate the hell out of me.


Wanted him gone last season, then reflected over the closed season and began to accept the argument
about too many injuries and decided to give him a few montns at least, but he's just proved that he has to go now.
I'm with that