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The modern Premier League: apart from maybe four or five clubs at the top, the rest is always only one season away from a major crisis and a relegation battle!


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It’s only a few years ago they were lauding him as one of Europe’s best managers. Newcastle killed him.

And I agree we should have played them when we had the chance and not postponed.


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Everton: The candidates to replace Rafael Benitez as Toffees boss

10 (TEN!!) potential candidates for Rafa's job, and Brendan Rodgers isn't among them????? Outrageous... ;-)

On MOTD2 last night they were showing their last 6 managers. All disasters. It’s the owners. No organisation. They’ve spent a fortune compared to us. They were saying last night they could easily go down. They won’t probably because there’s 4 really bad sides below them. They’re lucky.