Protest Tweets


Flat Earther
In the olden days the singer song writers would have come up with a few rebellious tunes about the state of the nation in these times. The music would have opened peoples minds a little, made them realise there are different views to whats going on. Their poetic licence free to say what they wanna say, how they wanna say it. They were free to stand up and say what they felt. 2020 the Government shut down the whole of the Arts world and the best we've got is a few angry tweets about the government being knobheads!

Thank f*ck for Ian Brown.


All the silver tongued suits and cartoons that rule my world
Are saying it's a high time for hypersonic missiles
When the bombs drop darlin' can you say that you've lived your life
Oh, this is a high time for hypersonic missiles
They all do the same, only their names change honey
You can join their club if you're born in to money
It's a high time for hypersonic missiles


Inhabitable hole, skint, living like an animal
While they try to take my dole
Black mold on the wall, must've made a thousand calls to get it sorted
But my landlord hates my soul
No power, working zero hour
Making some cunt rich
Who will never understand what it's like down here
I raise my beer