Prince Andrew Is In The Shyte


Season Ticket Holder
Maxwell convicted on 5 of the 6 charges.
Won't see her again.
Suspect she'll do a plea bargain to grass up Andrew in exchange for a reduced sentence.


Golden balls
Virtually no reference to Andrew in the trial.
Whether you like it or not it's ' innocent until proven guilty '


Season Ticket Holder
You or I, and I'm pretty certain we would have at least seen the inside of a police interview room by now to "assist in enquiries".


Don't Welch
They didn't reference the Andrew case in the trial, because there are some inconsistencies with the evidence in that case.
Had the brought it up, the defence for Maxwell might have been strengthened.
Andrew gets his chance in the limelight, with the civil case being brought against him very soon.


Knife & Fork pending
The Grand Old Duke of York
He had 10,000 men
He also had some underage girls
But he can’t remember them