Please let this be true …..

According to the BBC Gossip Page, Newcastle want Kasper. Well, they’re keeping tabs on him, allegedly. Please let it be true that they would be stupid enough to give us money for him!


Golden balls
Newcastle will be up there next season. I fully expect that the players they sign in the summer will be a big step up. They have the Dosh.
Who will be the manager? Will these incoming players gel?
It most certainly is not a gimme that they will be challenging a top 6 position.


Rare Continental Breed
Remember, it took quite a few years for Manchester City to become the force that they are now.

It's not just players they need, it's structures that need to grow. Facilities, coaches, academies and so on, and it's not so easy to break into the top 6, in particular if you've been flirting with relegation for a few years. I'm not sure how far they are at the moment.