Knife & Fork pending
Confirmed by the parole board today that he is suitable for release (Leicestershire Live).
That really is sickening and shocking!


A source close to Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said the government would take legal advice over the decision.


I listened to the podcast about how the introduction of DNA prosecuted him. I was living away from Leics and out of the country a lot at the time. I’d fully no idea of the total atrocity of the incident for years. This horror should never see the light of day ever again.


This highlights the Parole Board's responsibilies and they have discharged their statuary remitwhich is to decide their opinion.
The problem is the original judge decreed a limit to his sentence to be decided by the Board.
There are some crimes which should, imo, involve full custody, like this one, which included, let's not forget, deliberate deception of the DNA process resulting in its success due only to the sharp eyes of a lady in a pub.


I'm actually surprised his time inside made it to this point. Disgusting. Evil bastard should have been strung up.


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Shocking. What type of fuckwit serves on the parole board. If pitchfork gets out this opens the door for other lifers to put forward their case on how they've changed & are no longer a danger.
Rose West & Ian Huntly come on down.


And he used to live in Haybarn Close.:oops:
And it's fourteen years each as a judge lopped two years off for being a good lad...


This sound very much like the John Warboys Case. He was a London multiple rapist that the parole board tried to free after after 10 years. That decision was overturned by the high court after a family and public outcry, and decided that he should remain in prison after noting his risk and "Sense of sexual entitlement". The parole board s chair lost his job over it. I feel the Pitchfork case will most likely have the same result. (Hopefully).


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Personally think the public should be allowed to know where he lives on release. If someone attacked him then of course that would be a crime in itself, but why shouldn't he spend the rest of his days looking over his shoulder ?
It's the least he deserves for ruining the lives of those two families.


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The twat, if released, does not have to go on the SOR. Because it didn’t exist when he raped and killed two schoolgirls.