Olympic Games


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I see the GB diving team led by Tom Daley has been announced. The event includes 10 and 5 metre diving. The 10 person team has had a late diver inclusion in the squad, a certain J Grealish. So should be a nailed on gold medal then.


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I just managed about 5 mins of the game. Bellingham spent a couple of those writhing around, after a defenders upper arm brushed his earhole. Then Girlish went down with a double tuck sukahara, following a routine sliding tackle. Im not missing it one bit.


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I’ll never forget Tupper coming round the last bend of the 1500m, a trail of engine-warmed chips spilling out of his shorts’ pocket.


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1968 in Mexico, raised black gloved fists
2021 in Tokyo (if it goes ahead), taking the knee
53 years apart, same message.


Japan is on the Uk Amber list.
What does it mean if a country is on the amber list? ... For amber countries, that means one pre-departure test, plus quarantine at home for 10 days upon return in England or Wales (for details on what the rules may be in Scotland it's best to look at the government website as they may differ).7 May 2021.
As I write this the Japanese government have not yet decided if crowds will be allowed to attend the Olympic games due to be held In just 50 days time. Japan is now in its 4th wave of the virus but still insist it is 100% committed to holding the games, though 70% of the Japanese people think it should be cancelled. I absolutely love watching the games but sadly it looks like a super spreader event to me.


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No one can ever hold a candle to Fatima Whitbread.
No one.

Fatima - "Doctor help me I've started to grow lots of body hair".
Doctor - "Thats terrible - how far does it grow down?"
Fatima - " All the way down to my balls."


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I think the IOC have made a major blunder here.
Only 3% of the population is vaccinated.
No foreign fans allowed is a plus, but i'm not sure i'd want to be an athlete travelling to a country with that low a level of vaxxed people.