Old Songs That Would Now Be Banned


Bill Poster
The Crystals, “He Hit Me (It Felt Like A Kiss)”

Aaliyah, “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”

The Rolling Stones, “Brown Sugar”

Bound to be more...


Small faces...here come the nice
He knows what I want he's got what I need he's always there if I need some speed


Occasional Poster
black is black, bell epoque
brown girl in the ring - boney m
china in our hand tpau
he aint heavy he's my brother - hollies
shut up ya face - joe dolce
big girls don;t cry - Frankie vali


I might be missing the point here but none of these songs are actually banned today are they?
I think the last song that was banned I can remember was ‘Relax’ because Mike Reid that well known ‘woke’ DJ took offence 😂

‘Boris Johnson is a cunt’ had limited airplay sadly


You don't hear Blue Mink's multicultural anthem Melting Pot any more these days. Seems like some of the well meant lyrics now have racist connotations that are too horrific for our woke generation.