Odds for Derby to go down


Cant find any odds for the shaggers to be relegated. Every other championship team, yes, but nowt for Derby. Is this because they are awaiting more grief from the F.A?


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No, it's because they got Ravel Morrison on trial and he's gonna sign and keep them up!........ Yeah right, deluded twats.


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they need to resubmit the last 5 (?) years of financial accounts, for FFP audit.
any - and given how the FL feel about derby, i mean any - infraction and they will be hit with huge points deduction.


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During the transfer embargo the EFL impose a limit of 23 for the first team squad. To qualify for the first team squad you have had to play 1 first team game. The Sheep are not happy that all the young kids who played against Chorley in The FA Cup count as first team squad players as far as the EFL are concerned. The Sheep say they were forced by The FA to play the game.


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They can bring in.players on a free or out of contract elsewhere. You know, the ones nobody else wants any more.


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Shame they've missed out on Richard Keogh, he's signed for Blackpool. Now that would have been typical Derby 😂


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Such a shame for Wayne Rooney. This will really test his management skills. Odds on him still being there by Christmas?