Obscure Leicester players thread


I went school with his brother Stefan. Think he made about 70 appearances. Scored a couple too.

His dad played guitar for Showaddywaddy

One being in that now infamous first and last match of the Bruno/Collymore partnership in the 5/2 win


Ricky Hill. Can never equate him playing for Leicester even though I must have seen him a few times.
A few loanees as well: Kane is obvious (he was never going to ,make it at the top level) but Paul Moran and Kevin Campbell, on loan respectively from Spuds and Arsenal, formed a decent partnership for a few games. Blackburn away springs to mind.


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Carl Jayes, lots on here like me would have played against him when he was a goalkeeper in Schools football. Went on to get Schoolboy International caps.
Shilton left,Wallington got injured,then loanee John Farmer from Stoke was also injured so Bloomfield had to play Carl Jayes for 5 games.Including the disastrous 0-2 home FA Cup defeat to Orient. No more apps after that. Was at City from 1971 to 1977.
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Molla Wague
Nicholas Priet
Rufus Brevett
James Pearson
Ryan Watson
Tommy Williamson
Tomi Petrscu
Harry Panayiotou
Lars Hirschfield
Michael Cain
Aman Verma

All made just 1 appearance since 2000
Pat Gavin
Peter Eccles
Derek Strickland
Paul Edmunds
Martin Russell
Stewart Hamill
Adie Green, RIP
Willie Wilcox
Bruno N'Gotty
Leon Crncic
Danny Coyne
Ashley Ward
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I sacked Glover
Gary Plumley started his career at Leicester, He always seemed to play for City A, Saw him a few times in the annual charity match v Earl Shilton Albion