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Its from a report taken from the VAERS website. Looked at it myself and the stats speak for themselves. Ask yourself why the BBC never even comment on it?
I suspect the data needs interpreting by people without a preconceived agenda ?
There is plenty of evidence even on here of people jumping on any data which appears to back up a prejudicial view without the context .
E. G hundreds of Double jabbed people are dying .
Yes - but only 2% of covid deaths in last 9 months.


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A quick trawl through the worlds press on the ground is very easy and suggests protests were infiltrated by some very nasty folks and turned violent with police attacked with bottles and even battery acid which hospitalised several .
Riot police were deployed who fired rubber bullets to disperse them injuring several .
There’s usually two sides . Tre implication innocent peaceful protestors are attacked by police is just emotive nonsense .

Any reliable evidence for your version ?

Personal view is those with genuine concerns about the vaccine ( misguided imo ) are being infiltrated by some very dodgy people who just like causing trouble and attacking police .
Emotive nonsense? Fucking idiot.
Your head’s worryingly fucked.

I won’t be responding to your bullshit anymore.
You seriously need help.


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So every source from the Torygraph to The Guardian from CNN to Fox news backs up my account but I’m the one who needs help .
Someone posts a unsourced picture on Twitter and you swallow it with no critical scepticism whatsoever.
Your denial of reality is staggering .
Get some balance ffs .

If a BLM protest ended in a group of violent thugs attacking police with bottles and battery acid and attempting to take over the cenotaph you’d post a picture on Twitter of a wounded rioter and a comment implying we live in a police state would you ?
You’re the one who needs help . Getting as radicalised as batshit bnet