Now deceased legends you had the pleasure of seeing Live


Michael Jackson
Amy Winehouse
Frank Sidebottom
Stuart Adamson
Billy Mckenzie
Luther Vandross
George Michael

Too many talented people gone too soon.


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I'm not no but know the area intimately still, all the pubs, niteclubs&venues gone. Fighting Cock is the sole survivor from that era.when southern death cult&nma were about it was a good scene, add in skeletal family&a few ranting poets,good times.
Cool, when i was there 84-87 the Uni was rubbish for gigs so we used to go to Leeds a lot. Saw loads of goth post punk bands, skeletals, march violets, batfish boys, rose of avalanche, killing joke, cocteaus, all about eve when they still had a drum machine etc. We did frequent the 1 in 12 a lot and saw some good gigs there, Pulp, Bogshed and The 3 Johns spring to mind. i've still got the poster for the bogshed gig that i pulled off the wall. We also drove down the m62 to manchester a few times, saw The Chameleons at the ritzy, and REM twice at the international. and don't forget Bradfords own Dr and the inmates aka the psychosurgeons.


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Greg Lake, Keith Emerson
John Bonham
Lemmy, Philthy Animal, Fast Eddie
Bill Rieflin, John Wetton
Liam Davison


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Bill Rieflin. Saw him playing with King Crimson and Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3, but never sadly with REM
Pulp at the 1 in 12 when i saw them in 1986, with dig vis drill and henry normal ... View attachment 269
1in 12 is an absolute institution, it popped up all over place until it bought the mill. Last gig I saw there was 3 John's a few year back(still very good). Gary cavanagh published a couple of books about the bradford scene(noise of the valleys vol 1&2)and nick toczek who promoted/fanzines bradford bands has a good website of archive stuff


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Saw the Ink Spots with one of the original members still singing and saw Johnny Shines who claimed too be Robert Johnsons nephew.