Music lockdown plus


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I found lockdown a chance to sort out my music
in the loft
cd’s - no player in the house
vinyl-long gone
I tunes library - 8,000 tunes,most i have purchased but it seems i don’t own
what’s going on,what’s going on


I finally got round to adding my music into Discogs during the 1st lockdown. Unfortunately it made me realise I'd got some gaps and I ended up buying what I was missing of ebay.

Just got to add the remainder of Mrs Wilko's vinyl now.

Elsie Heffsey

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One of my biggest regrets is the number of cassettes I've got. How I wish I'd continued to buy vinyl and taped them to play in the car. Some of them were played so much they broke/chewed up, or stretched to become unplayable.

I suppose it could have been worse ... they could be 8 Track.