Martin Sammuel having a pop


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l jumped in his taxi at Brugge station, fair play to him he paid, but gave the driver some stick over the price.


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Whilst parts of what Samuel has said is lazy journalism, he echoes what I put in my ‘These PL postponements’ post the other day. Quite simply if this wasn’t Leicester I suspect we’d be pretty upset.
This problem IMO is all down to the PL 100%.They want their cake, but they want it iced too with cherries and sprinkles.
They’ve decided on just 3 subs. If they’d have been 5 available, Vardy would have come off vs Liverpool and probably would have saved his hamstring. Loads more injuries have come about like this.
They’ve sold their tv deals in such a way that I bet there are huge penalties if games don’t go ahead. Amazon as I said in my post would have dictated that a lot of clubs had to play 48hrs later over Xmas. The only club who would cope would have been Man City who would have swapped all 10 outfield players with no drop in quality. Someone put on here that Pep hardly makes a substitution. He doesn’t have to as his players aren’t playing every 3 days like a lot of clubs. I suspect the PL look at Amazon as a potential big player in the future and are frightened to death of pissing them off. It’s all about £££££.
The PL dictated that each club can only have a 25 player squad. They’ve also said that if you can’t put out a team with 13+1 then the game will be postponed. There were NO stipulations ie AFCON etc. Can you imagine a club with 10 Africans. They’d never field a side for a month. It’s actually possible. After all Wolves would be devastated if they lost all their Portuguese lot! ( it’s an Imaginary scenario)
I suspect that in the summer the P

L will change a lot of these rules as from now on until May we’ll see more and more ‘injuries’ cause postponements when a club feels like it and the BCC’s will head that list.Klippity has already ‘admitted’ that they twisted the rules with his false positive covid test statement