Level 42


Blue Roofer
I have to mention a gig I went to last night.

I was born in the mid 70’s so I was aware of a lot of the bland pop music of the 80’s some of which were bands rather than singers but I never really got into music a huge amount until the 90’s and early Britpop.

A friend had two spare tickets for Level 42 at Southend so the wife and I popped along to join them.

They were fantastic. You could travel for miles and not see a better set of musicians. The lead singer and Bassist was fantastic playing that bass guitar like a lead guitar. The drummer was awesome and had a huge drum kit larger even than that of Royal Blood. I spent a lot of time just watching him and his craft.

Who doesn’t like a bit of Jazz thrown in too?

I was looking forward to it and it didn’t disappoint, I enjoyed it immensely. I would see them again for sure and recommend them to anyone.

Yes I knew a few of their big hits but even some of the instrumentals they played were real value for money.

Supporting them was Johnny Hates Jazz which was the bland 80’s music I avoided for all those years. 🤮


Knife & Fork pending
Mark King lives in Ryde on the IOW. Spotted him a few times when my Sister used to live on the Island!